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Almost a year ago

As we get closer our gig next weekend at Kactus Kate's in Cottonwood, I keep thinking back to this time last year. Heide & I had just moved to London for a six-month assignment for my day job. I was working on some new songs to play with the band when we got back, and was missing playing with the Heide & the guys. I enjoy my day job, but nothing compares to making the best music you can with a group of friends in front of a crowd that is into it. We played for a really fun birthday party in February, but for a variety of reasons, we haven't played in public since Heide & I returned in November. That dry spell is about to come to an end. I'm looking forward to next weekend more than you can imagine. Stop by and say "hi" during a break!

- Jim, the Pedestrians

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